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In today's guest post, Jinn Leong is explaining why Motion blur, diffraction and noise are not impacted by high megapixel count (in our case the Nikon D800):

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Interesting read Brad. Thanks for posting the URL. But as it is the D800 is still producing noticeable noise starting at roughly ISO 800 (depending on who's test photos you believe more...could begin to be "noticeable" from ISO 1600 according to others). Does the noise (which looks like film grain) bother us? Subjective.

For me, I would take 'more detail & noise" over "cleaner photos & less detail" (5D3) at high ISO. Which is why I'm waiting to see some real testing of the 5D3 and D4 (fairer comparison IMHO than 5D3 vs D800). If I can get a few more stops of low light performance (e.g. D4) with less noise then I would choose that camera. Even it it means lugging around a heavier camera body and paying 2x as much.

FPS. Nice to have but not necessary. I thought this way before reading JL's article. But many have come to rely on FPS as a crutch. If competent you should be able to get "the shot" even in single-shot mode. If you're familiar enough with the sport/action. Have the ability to "predict". If can't having that 11 FPS won't help. The photographer will keep missing "the shot". Just takes a fraction of a second.

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