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Hey guys I have a question, I'm looking to buy a new camera, I already own a nikon D70 and want to get something that will be compatible with at least some of the equipment I use with my D70 like my travelite 750's flash setup, I want to stick with something that uses an CF card seeing that that's what the D70 uses, I was thinking of the D200 I found a site here
that has a very good price on one I just wanted to get some input on weather I will be able to alternate equipment between the two cameras if I get this one just for future reference also I know this don't have anything to do with this forum but I use a mac G5 to do my editing anyone know if iPhoto will work for uploading the photos to my mac I'd rather not use nikon capture software iPhoto & photoshop have worked just fine so far and I would like to stick with what's familiar.
Also I would like to get some opinion on what people think of the D200 is it a good choice I mostly do macro photography but would like to get into action amoung other things so I would like a good everything camera is this a good choice
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Just my opinions:

Before you buy check other peoples ratings of your retailer here:

http://www.resellerratings.com - type in the name of the retailer and see what you find out... Based on what I see about "bestpricecameras" on resellerratings - I wouldn't buy a disposable camera there (their rating is 0.23 out of a possible 10).

2ndly, you may want to base part of your decision on lens compatibility as opposed to what kind of memory cards the camera uses... Oddly enough + and you mentioned - I'm not aware that the D70 and D200 use SD cards: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_...n_d70_pg3.html

Third, you may have to do some research on Iphoto - chances are if you have a card reader it should work - despite the model camera you use.

Last, certainly one cannot take photos without a camera, but a camera alone does not make the photo either - that said, good luck...
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Sorry I meant to say CF Card.
Lens compatibility is a big part of it I agree and as far as I can see the lenses from my D70 will work on the D200.
Thanks for the links to steves digicam but I already read them that's where I went first for my research.
I read the review on best price camera Thanks a lot man you saved me some real grief, I was surprised at what I read after reading this on my simon

Save Time & Money Buy The D200 Here From A 5-Star Trusted Dealer
www.bestpricecameras.com what a load of c....
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