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OK, please forgive my NEWBIE question (I am such an amature) but with all these pros here I am hopeing that someone can help me

- How can I force the flash on my Nikon D70s? When ever I run it in "auto" mode or any of the other preset modes like "portrait", the flash will not go off if I am outside or if I am in a sunny room. Or is this even a posibility? I want to set it so that the flash will always go off when I want it to. I have searched through the instructions and found how to change the flash setting between "Auto", "Red Eye" and "No Flash" but it won't change to "Fill Flash?".

This pass weekend I had taken tons of photos at our Canada Day celebration as my eldest was in the parade and I was so disappointed with the results becuase he was wearing a baseball cap and it cast a shadow over his face and you can barely even see his eyes in most of the shots.

What I am most afraid is that someone is going totell me that I need to be in the advanced modes on my camera to "enable the flash". Lots of times I am just grabbing my camera and clicking away at the funny things my kids do, no time to play with settings during those times. ~ Any Help Appreciated ~ Thanks So Much
Lisa :?

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Don't use the "Auto" mode. Use "P" mode to get control over the flash and othe things. "P" still does full auto-exposure and auto-focus but allows you to select when the flash is used. If you leave the flash down it will not be used. If you manually pop it up, it will be used whether the metering system calls for it or not.

My wife has a D70 (I have D100) and she learned very quickly not to use the "Auto" mode for anything. She now only used P, A, S, M and sometimes the presets. Read you camera manual for the differences between "Auto" and "P".

Cal Rasmussen

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Awesome, thanks so much for the information Cal, I was getting so frustrated but this really helps. I also noticed that now in P mode that I have a couple of more options as well"Back" and "Slow" I am not sure exactly what these mean but now I at least have something to look up and study.

Thanks again Cal, this helped tremendously.


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