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Thanks Bob! You are right I guess I got myself stuck on this newer lens I got and just love that 1.8 apeture. I was hoping for some magic bullet on using this for the blur background and focus ppl. I still feel very unsure of myself when it comes to focus. I'll have to back up and review this older post. I think some tripod skills will be next. And I still have a flash on my wish list Thanks for all your help!!!

Oh, and I did use that f/8 on a larger family group shot and it did work. The shots I'm taking our a little more intimate and I was trying to use a apeture of 1.8. lol A little too far I suppose? Guess I need to practice, practice, practice!!

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Yeah, 1.8 will definitely create a DoF that is far too shallow for groups. If you'd like to get an idea of what kinds of DoF you can get at different apertures then you can use a DoF calculator such as the one found at www.dofmaster.com. It doesn't take 1.8 to get a blurred background at that focal length. Various factors will contribute but here I'd say the two primaries will be subjects' distance to the background and of course aperture.

With that lens if you're 10 feet away then f3.5 should give you bokeh if they are about 3 or 4 feet or more in front of the background. You'll have a little over 3.5feet of focus there. If you are 15 feet away, however then f/3.5 will give you around 8.5ft depth of field. If they're staggered or in two rows then always focus on one of the people closest to you.

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