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Hello all,

I am not a new user to the Nikon D200. In fact, I was lucky to get one with the 18-200mm VRII kit when I did last year in July 06. I have been very pleased with it and also purchased a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8, Nikon 80-200mm 2.8, MB 200 battery grip and SB800 speedlight. Both are great lenses. I also have the Tamrom 70-300mm LD Di 1:2 macro as well. Also, one of the best bang for your buck lens.

I decided to buy a second body since I am now shooting weddings this summer. Four in fact. I got it twelve days ago and have tried all the lenses on it and even purchased a SB400 speedlight for use with the 17-50mm. Everything worked well as I had expected it to as my first camera continues to do. I have taken over 12,000 shots with my first camera by the way and no hiccups of any kind and not the dreaded banding that was reported early on.

Well on my first day of shooting I did experience something strange but it never happened again. I took a shot and the picture never came out. Nothing. No black out shot or even a hint of anything recorded. Note I was already taking shots (over 100)and then this happened. I shut the camera off and checked the settings. I turned it back on and took another shot and the camera worked fine with no other problems.

I was basically testing to see if there were any differences between the two cameras. I did not firmware update my first camera since nothing in the updates is something I needed or wanted. The second body is updated with the latest firmware and the performance of either one as well as image production were identical or very close to it for my discerning view and comparison.

I used the new SB400 with the second body and took a variety of shots and the results were great. I did try it on the first body as well. Worked great.

At about 500 shots I got this .. err .. message on my lcd which was two days ago. I turned the camera off and changed batteries. Turned back on and it was fine. The next day, yesterday I had taken about 70 or so more shots with the SB 400 speedlight and the .. err .. message came back on and also I noticed the mirror was chattering. Very odd. This happened when I was changing the aperture (in camera) from 8.0 to 5.6. I tried to clear it by resetting everything on the camera, changed lenses, changed compact flash card, changed to another fully charged battery, checked contacts (which were clean) and fired up the camera and to no avail the .. err .. message was still there. Also, tried using the camera with and without the SB 400andSB 800speedlights.I did manage to clear it holding down the iso button and changing the iso. It would take one shot and the mirror sounded normal like the first camera and then it sounded awful on the next few and then the .. err .. message again.

I am aware of making sure the Aperture is set to the highest number on my 80-200mm 2.8 and Tamron 70-300mm LD Di Macro. The other two are Di II and Dx so that isn't an issue, besides they work fine on the first camera.

I e-mailed support and got a prompt reply and instructions on what to do which I had already done from researching this problem on the web. The next step I called support and mentioned it to them what I just described. Their suggestion is to mail it in since I did all that has been suggested to troubleshoot the problem.

Most likely the shutter will need to be replaced.

I brought it back to my dealer friend who I bought the camera from like the first and he is sending it in on Monday. I will post my results as soon as I get it back.

So far I must say for as unpleasant as this is to find with my new camera I am now seeing how efficient and expedient Nikon will be in correcting this matter.

I do enjoy the D200 obviously since I decided to get a second body but this has me with a bit of a bitter aftertaste right now. Again hopefully it will be expedient and working as well as my first camera.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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Hello All,

I got my camera back and it is working fine so far. I put the 18-55 DX II on it and the repair was an adjustment to my AF operation, AE operation they also for some reason replaced the LED unit, rewind side rubber grip, rubber grip and sq base plate. Also, a general check and clean and clean the CCD. I had called yesterday to inquire of what has been done thus far as it was sent of the Memorial Day holiday weekend and basically my concern was that I would not the camera back in time for my wedding shoot this Saturday 6/9.

I checked online yesterday and it was in the shop for five days. I made a call to a rep to ask what more could be told to me about the camera and he said it would be shipped back today. I asked how long would it take to get back to me since I have a wedding shoot this weekend. He said he would make sure that it would be sent out next day UPS. I got it this morning.

All I can say is, WOW! I am glad to have it back and it seems (cross fingers and toes)to be working as anyone would expect from a newly purchased camera. It cost me nothing as I had the dealer I bought the camera from send it in for me.

Well that's all for now and I am just happy that it is here finally and I have my backup ready to go.

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