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Most of that looks like high ISO noise to me. I have never used a wet cleaning kit on a DSLR and never will if I can help it.

As someone else saqid--shoot a picture of blue sky. That will give you a better idea. Dust on a sensor usually isn't that sharp.
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I also have a D80, I've changed the lens on it quite a few times. I took a shot of the blue sky we have here, at F22 1/30, there was some dust. But when I opened it up to F3.5 it was hardly noticeable at all. (And this is on a blue sky.)

So yeah, give that a whirl at ISO 100. And see how it works out.
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John52 wrote:
You Can Take it for what its worth, But if you put methanol on that sensor in any form,plan on buying a new camera. They use it to dry gasoline for one thing and it will very likely melt your sensor down to goo.......Not a happy thought
Use Google and there will be xxx amount of people and companies who say different...

I can understand concerns about chemicals on the insides of DSLR's but from all I have read, Methanol is the most desired cleaner. I can't say from experience, as I have none although many many moons ago when I worked in the commercial printing world and able to get ahold of many solvents, I used to use Methanol to clean video heads (VCR), and it worked a real treat. I also asked at one of the leading camera outllets in the cityand they say the only reason they don't sell it is because of the "Dangerous Chemicals" category it comes under and it is hard to get or import. One of the guystold me that the local Nikonagent will also use it if you send the camera into them for cleaning, same with Canon...

Look at this link... I did a 'copy and paste' from it below...


Sensor Swab™ and Eclipse™ - Eclipse/Methanol is the chemical of choice by the engineers and optical specialist of Nikon, Kodak, Fuji and Leica. You use a swab of one type or another, put a couple (2-3) drops of chemical on it and wipe the low pass filter.

  • Pros: This is the most widely used method and when done correctly will clean the sensor 99.999% of the time. The manufacturer of these products have a guarantee against damage to the sensor. This is the ONLY physical contact method endorsed by any manufacturer. Recommended by Kodak, Fuji and Leica! Dries extremely fast. [/*]
  • Cons: The chemical used here (Methanol) is flammable and cannot be shipped by air. Methanol is also illegal to possess in certain countries without a license. [/*]
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My nice clean sensor at ISO 100 F22! Thanks to E2 and sensor swabs. Looks a bit odd because this is a shot of my white cabinet with flash on.

Attached Images
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I forgot to say...I love DSLR's now!
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That certainly looks better!! I would try your test on the paper that you used before. I'd be curious to see if your sensor really was that dirty, or if the paper caused some of the problem.

Regardless, you've proven that it is easy and possible to clean your sensor.
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