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I recently purchased the D60 as well - I haven't touched a SLR camera since my old Minolta Maxxum 3000i film camera - and this is great camera in my opinion.

I've been using point and shoot digitals since they first came out and this camera is such a breath of fresh air....I don't think you made a mistake at all - just know what types of lenses you're buying when you buy them and how they'll work with the camera and you'll be fine... :lol:
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vIZnquest wrote:
The focusing must be done by the user. The focus ring on the lens will show the subject to become either clearer or blurrier.
One challenge I found when I first bought this camera was trying to focus the lens manually. With the old F2 series, they had a split-screeen focusing grid; focusing was effected by turning the focusing ring on the lens until the lines were in alignment. With the D60, the rangefinder will give you the indication. Set it using the custom settings menu, #19 (rangefinder). Set it to on, and the bottom of the viewfinder will give you an indication of focus in the following manner...

:idea:You'll see a indicator with a set of lines, and a 0 in the middle. When the subject is out of focus, one or more of the lines either to the right or left of the 0 will be lit up; revolve the focusing barrel in the opposite direction of the arrow until there are 2 lines lit up to either side of the 0. For example, if there are 4 lines lit up to the right of the 0, turn the focusing ring counterclockwise until all the lines disappear and you're left with the 2 lines beside the 0 (zero). This feature works in all modes except M. Even if you're shooting in M, a small green dot will light up at the far bottom left of the viewfinder when your subject is focused

It's not 100% foolproof, in that sometimes all the lines will light up even when the lens is properly focused; I find this happens most frequently when the subject is either dark or badly illuminated.The other giveaway to focus with the F60 is: A sharply focused subject will appear to be clear and bright; if it is out of focus, the subject won't just appear blurred...you'll have a difficult time seeing it. Under certain conditions of lighting, you'll be able to see miniature triangles (either if you're shooting in bright sunlight, or at night, when you're trying to focus on points of light.) when the subject is out of focus. It took me a little while to get used to that...perhaps because it had been 10 years since I had used a SLR, either film or digital. The rangefinder feature is your best friend in 99% of shooting conditions

I doubt seriously you made a mistake in buying this camera. Despite some rather critical reviews of this camera, I have yet to find anything wrong with it. It is intuitive to use; I was able to use it within 2 minutes of turning it on (without counting the time it took to set the clock!!). I've had this camera out in the snow (it snowed in Boston pretty much from Friday to Sunday...just yesterday)and exposed it to at least a little bit of water...so far it hasn't died. I figure it can take a little bit of water (I wouldn't experiment taking it out in the pouring rain without it being shielded by an umbrella, however) with shorting out its circuits. Neither has the cold weather; I've had it out in 15° F weather without bad effect yet. Water and condensation concern me about any digital camera, and the cold weather can provoke condensation when going from warm to sudden cold (and vice-versa). I have to work to take a bad picture with this camera...!!

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