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Originally Posted by tizeye View Post
Congratulations! I am sure you will like it. I went from the D40 to the D90 with no problems. And then, last Wednesday...drumroll please...got the D7000 body. Plan to use it tomorrow for leisure shots. Had a couple paid shoots Thursday and Fri but didn't want to use it until felt comfortable with it. Plus, didn't pick up a fresh SD card untl Friday. It is very similar to the D90 which was an easy transition from the D40.

Enjoy, and go out and shoot.
Congrats, Tizeye
I'll look forward to getting your impressions of the D7000 vs the D90.


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Didn't have 'significant' photo opportunities present themself today, and just shot a few to be shooting. Absolute first impression...I thought something was wrong as didn't have the two part "ka..chunk" of the shutter, just a muted "chink".(Bright exterior,fast shutter speed). Will have to get use to the new sound.

Tomorrow I have a paid shoot, so will use it but bring the D90 and keep it in the bag. Since that is my normal, non-leisure, shoot will be able to compare vs. my history with the D90 on similar shoots. Since I normally use my Sigma 10-20 on real estate shoots, will be interesting to pixel peep and compare the resolution.
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Well, I just ordered Thom Hogan's D7000 guide and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Haven't done too much shooting yet due to a pesky cold that has laid me low. (In fact, I think there may be a few people now sniffling and coughing at the camera shop.... sorry!! But you told me you would only hold it til Saturday! I had no choice.) I have to admit the few images so far have not knocked my socks off, but I pretty much expected the learning curve to show itself right off the bat. I am not concerned. My usual MO is to just dive in without too much thinking and then getting my come-uppance. At which point, I take a few deep breaths, give my self a talking to, and then slow down and do it the right way. Hey it's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

One thing I believe I am seeing that pleases me, is more appropriate reds. I have always had a bit of an issue with how my D40 handled reds, always quite garish and over the top, even when other colors are subdued. It may have been all in my head since others didn't seem to be quite as put off by it as I was. But the new body seems to not have the reds issue. Either that or I have convinced myself it's better due to the money invested.... LOL.... Once I get some serious practice under my belt, I will get the courage to post some shots.
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its good that your liking it right from the off
you must post some pics for us to look at
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