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schatham Jan 24, 2007 11:51 AM

I am on the verge of putting a crowbar in my wallet & buying my first Digital SLR. I've more or less gotten it down to one of the Nikons, either the 6 megapixel or 10 megapixel cameras. Basically cost wise is about $300 difference in them.

I have several lenses that fit my old Nikon FE 35mm camera.

A couple of them are 35mm Nikon/Nikkor lenses, which I am sure would fit the D80/D50 cameras.

Another one is a Quantary f4 70-210 zoom lens, which may or may not work on the D50/D80.

The third one - and this one is the most important to me - is a 135mm Vivitar f2.8 lens. A similar one is here:

All of the lenses are manual lenses.

From what I understand, on the D40 with manual lenses, you lose all metering functions on it. On the D50, I think that you may have basic metering with manual lenses. Can anyone confirm this? (I would assume it would be the same on the D80).

The other question I have is will my Vivitar 135mm f2.8 lens work on any of the Nikon digitals? How about the Quantaray?

I've called both Nikon & Vivitar to ask the same questions, but that was futile. Nikon won't say anything but a Nikon lens will work on any of the cameras, and Vivitar says since the lens wasn't manufactured for a digital camera, it "may or may not" work, from the best I could gather. The tech person I spoke with wasn't very specific as to what might not work - I could never get him to say if it was a physical hardware mounting problem, or if it had a different focal point or what.

Can someone who's possibly been down this road before offer any advice?



thebac Jan 24, 2007 12:30 PM

Assuming your lenses are at least AI lenses, they will work on any of the three in manual focusing and metering mode. Autoexposure will not work with any body below a D200. You will have to meter manually, even on the D80.

schatham Jan 24, 2007 12:45 PM

I know one of the lenses I have (the Macro Nikkor lens) has "ears" on it.

The Vivitar 135 f2.8 lens

looks almost exactly like the one pictured there.

I'd say that nothing I have is AI lenses. My 35mm camera is a Nikon FE. Not sure of the serial number or when it was made.


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