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Hi Guys, I am new to the site. and just getting back into photography after a 30 year break. Wow!! Have things changed. About 6 onths ago I bought a D80 with a 18-135 and a bought a Nikor Macro lens. Theyhave been an excellent choice to get back into the game. I shoot mostly nature and macro shots.

Now I am seeing that I need a longer lens for my nature shotsand I also see that I may grow into a D300? Before I buy another Nikor or other manufactures' lens I want to make sure that the lenses I buy for my D80 will work on the D300 or maybe a D200? All the reading I do gives me more detail than I can understand and doen't answer my question. Can you help?

Thanks - Dan
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I don't know what type of lens you are looking for, but I suspect if it is a new model from just about any manufacturer it will function just fine on your D80. And if it works on the D80 it will work on the D200 and 300 as well. I just bought a D300 to replace my D80 as well. I love the D300. It does just about everything better. I took to to a Nascar race last weekend with the 18-200 and was amazed at the results. 6 FPS seems alot faster than the 3 on the D80. The D300 and the lens does weigh a ton around the neck though. I was a bit disappointed with the low light focusing, I ended up using the 50mm 1.4 and it was better. I have a few third party lenses but I like the Nikon's more. I have a Sigma 50mm Macro and it seems a little sloppy but functions fine. I have a Nikon 105 Macro (an older non-D) and it works and feels great. I think I will stick with the Nikon's unless I get a deal to good to pass up.
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Hi Dan,

Welcome to the forums.

This site is a useful reference for understanding Nikkor lens terminology:


It may be more detailed than you are looking for but most of the information you will need is there. In general, any lens that you get for you D80 should work on a D200 and D300. Where you may run into problems is if you decide to get a body without a built in focus motor (e.g. D40/D60) or a full frame body (e.g. D3X).

Hope this helps.
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with nikon you dont have to worry that much about lens compatibility. All lenses from 1970-75 ish and up will work on the cameras (except d40/d60 but then its just AF that doesnt work). And you'll probably want a newer AF lens so compatibility shouldnt be a problem
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Thanks guys. This really helps. I am looking at Nikor, Sigma, and Tamron lenes. I was exploring the Sigma 300mmzoom, but I may doo well with the 200mm that all of themanufacruters have? Most of my shots are in the 30 to 60 foot (10m-20m) range currently. I havebeen doing a lot of butterfly photography. Any additional suggestions?

Again, your feedback is excellent and musch appreciated!!
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danzinn wrote:
... I havebeen doing a lot of butterfly photography. Any additional suggestions?
I don't know about your budget but you might look into a Bigma 50-500 then
This lens is quite versatile - butterfly and 'semi' macro all from 1 lens (on a D300):

@ 500mm

@ 270mm

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