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Default London MCM ComicCon 2017

A few snaps from the London MCM ComicCon in May, my first outing after the camera's AF issue:

All pics inside the arena were taken at ISO 1600. Found the AF not to be accurate inside and there were quiet a few pics that were discarded. All of the B&W pics are just not quite in focus or sharp but I liked them and they were the only shot I took. Need to take a burst of pics to make sure I dont miss the shot but in that scene taking more than 1 pics doesn't seem right and I'm not sure that the artists or the cosplay peeps would be too happy.

1. Cosplay - the amount of effort and creativity some people put into their outfits can be astounding.

2. The artists - Comic artists, cartoonists galore.

Here's the rest of the gallery all with the D800 + 50F1.8/85G1.8




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Nice series Harj,

Love the color rendition of your pictures and sharpness.

I was trying to see the settings you used but looks like it is not available.

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Nice series Harj,

I would like to know the setting which is made in camera for the shots as the sharpness of the image is really good.
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Marcelo, Maitri

Sorry about the lack of meta data, somehow LR was confg to strip out all of the metadata on export.

Maitri, I shoot RAW +JPG, but I never really use the JPG's - its an old old habit as I know I'm going to screw something up.

I was looking around for Lightroom presets for the D800 but strangely didn;t come across anything that I thought was good other than one blog stating to use "Camera Neutral" as the default profile in LR for the D800 and start from there. So essentially I've just stuck to my Oly settings + Camera Neutral - I don;t know if their correct but here's the settings:

All the indoor shots were at ISO 1600 and if possibly the shutter was at least 2 x FL of the lens.

White balance: whatever the scene was. If its sunny then temp 5300, tint 8
Exposure: Adjust as needed.
Contrast: 0
Highlights: fix any clipping.
Shadows: Adjust to taste .. I usually don't make an adjustment but if its undexposed.
Blacks: I always try to clip the blacks just a wee bit
Clarity: 10
Vibrance: 0
Saturation: 0
Lights: 18-20
Sharpness: 50 (not sure on this as I never really used more than 30 for the E3 but the D800's files look better at 50)
Rad: 1.
Detail: 25
Masking: Adjust to taste .. usually arounbd 0-30
NR Luminous: Adjust to taste .. if its needed usually 25-30.
NR Colour: Defaults
Lens Correction: Enable Profile Corrections and Remove CA enabled. Straighten the image if required.
Camera Calibration:
Process: 2012(Current)
Profile: Camera Neutral

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