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Hi all, Not sure if this should be here or in the Nikon Lens forum, but I have had my D-70 for a number of months now and am using primarily a sigma 18-50 lens. I've been having a fair bit of difficulty getting nice sharp shots manually focusing, particularly when I am doing a wide landscape - the lens will come into focus near infinity, then keep going further out of focus. In good light, the autofocus works quite well. I went to the shop and tried out two brand new lenses (the same sigma 18-50) and had the same problems, so I suppose it seems to be something common with the lenses. My question is, is this a design flaw or is there a purpose for this? (IR?)I'd also love tips people have on focusing the D70, apart from the little focus circle, I find the viewfinder rather claustrophobic, especially on a 3.5 lens in low light. Thanks! (my apologies, for some reason all the breaks in my post seem to keep getting taken out when i send!)
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I am always focusing in low light using manual focus with non-auto lenses and telescopes. One does not have to be perfectly focused in the viewfinder to get good focus. Being "ole school", I learned how to just distances and set camera DOF from markings on the camera lenses. But those that are weaned on auto-everything, do not always have this skill. Also in the manual mode, there is a focus LED on the lower left in the viewfinder that gives an indicator of focus. Another method is to use a magnifier. In this web I created, its explained about the different magnifiers available for the D70....


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alanw wrote:
... the lens will come into focus near infinity, then keep going further out of focus.
All lenses do this

I believe it's for thermal expansion and for the occasional accessory, such as extension tubes or teleconverter, that a photographer might add between the lens and the camera...
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