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tacticdesigns Feb 5, 2010 8:37 AM

Manual lens on Nikon D70s / D90?
Hello Everyone, Help!

How functional is putting a manual lens (with aperture ring) on a Nikon D70s?

I've stumbled across an old Sigma 28-70 f2.8 lens. It is manual focus, with aperture ring. And don't know if I want to keep it.

I've tried reading around and I understand that . . .

1) Obviously with a manual focus lens, I'll have to focus manually.
2) That there won't be any through the lens metering.

but what I haven't been able to lock down is . . .

a) If I set this lens to any aperture setting via. the aperture ring (f22 - f2.8) whether the camera will use that setting and not just use maximum aperture all the time.
b) If I set a small aperture, such as f22, whether the view finder will be dark while I compose the shot, or whether the D70s opens up the aperture.
c) If the D70s stops-down the aperture properly when taking the shot.


Is there any reason not to try to use this old lens?

Is there any hints / tips / tricks to using an old manual lens?

And . . . how does the D90 handle manual lenses.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Take care, yours truly,

NOTE: I don't have my D70s right now. Lent it to my sister to let her find out how interested she was in getting a dSLR. I don't get it back until Feb 13th. But I might need to decide whether the keep the lens before then.

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