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Default Need help quick....... Please

what would be the best settings for a nikon d90 18-200 lens with sb600 flash to take decent pictures of pinewood derby races indoors......

I took some pics at the preliminary races, but it all seemed blurred- how could I get somewhat sharp pics- please help!

thank you!
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My first suggest is to use the green AUTO mode on the mode dial. Just set it and shoot.

If you donít want to do that then use P mode on the mode dial and make sure TTL BL appears on the LCD of the SB-600. Press the Mode button until it does. If TTL-BL never appears, then press and hold the button to the left of the shutter, and turn the rear dial until the image in the LCD matches the image on the button. Set ISO to 200.

If you want instructions that may be challenging for your particular location on the learning curve, here goes...

You want to use the flash to freeze the action. To do that you must make sure that your aperture and shutter are set to underexpose the scene by about 2 stops or more. The light from your flash will then be the primary light for the scene. When the flash is the primary light, the speed of the flash will freeze the action...no need to worry about shutter speed. Put the camera in manual, set your aperture to its widest setting, and set the shutter to underexpose by two stops. When you zoom in, the aperture will change, but thatís okay...leave exposure as is. If you have a low ceiling you can try to bounce the flash from the ceiling, but with an SB-600 you really want to stick a white business card or something similar in the slot where the Wide Flash Panel lives. That will throw some light forward and improve the image.
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