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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
Have you tried different white balance settings?
I can't stress enough how important that above quote is, it's right on the money for improving image quality on the D5000.

I have to say that I was in the same position as you with picture quality from my new D5000. I did find that the manual setting for white balance were not ideal for me or the images that I was taking. But after I manually set the white balance the images were much better.

Also I to did notice (as already said) the images tend to be slightly under exposed so I bumped the exposure up a touch.

Combinded I'm very happy with images from the camera and now feeling more comfortable with it.

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Originally Posted by ruchai View Post
Some even think D5000 give better photos than D3s.

I had to chuckle when I saw that comment and looked at the D3s images in that article.

The Author apparently doesn't know a lot about photography in those conditions, as some of those images were severely overexposed. That's a common problem when you have a lot of dark areas in an image (as with spotlights on performers, making them much brighter than their surroundings). Most metering systems don't do very well in those conditions by default.

If you're not going to use manual exposure and tweak the settings for best results (provided lighting is consistent when spotlights are on performers), a good bet is to switch to center weighted metering and dial in some Exposure Compensation using a -EV setting to fix the overexposure problem. An added benefit to correct exposure (versus overexposure as in some of the images shown in that article), is that you'll be able to use much faster shutter speeds for a given aperture and ISO speed setting in that type of lighting (or allow for the same shutter speeds at lower ISO speed settings).
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