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Hithere, im pretty new to the whole SLR scene and I have been taking pictures for about 2 years now with a normal everyday "point-n-shoot" digital camera. I think im finally ready to move on to a bit more of an advanced camera so I'v been looking at many different dSLR cameras and there reviews. When I came across the Nikon D40 I loved it, it seemed to have alot more features and cool new things that my current camera does not have.

But the one thing i found very confusing was a comment on "Steve's Conclusion" where he says "The D40 is compatible with Nikon F mount lenses, however it has no internal focus motor so autofocus can only be achieved with newer AF-S and AF-I CPU lenses (IX Nikkor CPU lenses can not be used.) This means you'll have to manually focus any older non-CPU lenses"

Does that mean that the camera does not autofocus like most normal "point-n-shoot" digial cameras do? Its also kind of confusing because on the review it says that it does have automatic focus. It would seem kind of a hassle to always have to manually focus it even when it is in automatic mode.

Im new to Steves forums so Im sorry if the question was already asked.

Thanks guys!

oh and by the way, can you use the little LCD screen on the back to view the picture while taking it other then having to use the little view hole above the lens? Because I know with the Canon XT Rebel you cant and you can only usethe LCD screento look at the picturesafter you take it.Thanks again!

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DSLR have two basic types of lens focusing:

1. Internal motor in the lens. Look for HSM, USM, Nikon AF-S
2. Motor in the camera body driving the focus mechanism in the lens with a "screwdriver" type shaft. Nikon AF

The Nikon D40 does not have option 2 so can only use lenses from option 1.

Regarding your second question: With the exception of one or two models, DSLRs can only use the LCD screen for reviewing a shot.

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As mentioned before you can't use the LCD to compose your shot of most DSLRs because it uses a mirror to redirect the light from the lens to the viewfinder. That mirror gets in the way of the sensor until you take the picture, then it gets fliped up and the sensor sees what you were looking at and the viewfinder is now blocked. So when you take the picture there is a brief period of time the viewfinder is blocked. The advantage is that you see what the sensor is going to see, unlike the "little hole" above your point and shoot. In the point and shoot the viewfinder is above the lens. This is one of the main advantages of the DSLR. What you see is what you get. The viewfinder is also much brighter in a DSLR since the lens is larger than the "little hole" on a point and shoot and contains more information than most.

As for the AF-S lens, if you don't have any older Nikon lenses it won't be a problem. You just buy the AF-S lensand it will work just like the point and shoot autofocus. The kit lens is an AF-S. Press the button half way and it focuses. Nikon has all but the primes available in AF-S.
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Oh ok cool, thanks alot guys, yall really helped me out alot. I really had no idea about the autofocus thing or the LCD screen on the SLR cameras so thank you so much for taking the time to post here.

Thanks again for your help guys!

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