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I had upload some photos from my D50 to Picture Project on my PC,when I was done I forgot to disconnect the camera from the PC, which I have doen before but never ran into a problem. A couple days later I went to use the camera but I could not get it to takea picture, it will auto facus make all the noises but when you hit the button nothing happens, the battery icon shows charged but began to flash, which according to the manual means the batter cannot be recognized, so I figured the battery must have drained down, so I charged it. Put the battery back in, the battery showed it was charged and the icon did not flash until I hit the button again. Also I cannot get the menu to come up, and as well I have now noticedin the view finder a small square box icon which means it cannot recognize thememory card. I have reset it, put a new card in and replaced the battery.

Any suggestionswould be greatly appreciated!
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This might just be one of those "rare occasions" when connecting the camera directly to the computer and not following procedures properly has created a problem. That's why many of the experts suggest that it is much safer to use a card reader. It sounds like there was some damage done when you disconnected the camera.
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First, try resetting the camera. Then, try formatting the card in camera. If neither works, try another card in the camera. If if fails to recognize a second card, there is likely somethint wrong with the camera.
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