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Originally Posted by DSProtection View Post
I use Noiseware Community Edition which is great and free. I have shot with ISO 2000 with my D5000 and have no problem with that.
I have used that app and liked it, too. There are a couple of limitations of the free version, though. The most important for me is that it always applies the noise reduction to the entire image. Most often, when I want to use noise reduction, I want to only apply it (or much more aggressively apply it) to particular limited parts of the image. Areas in shadow that have interesting detail need it more than the rest of the image typically. Commercial versions of most noise reduction applications or plug-ins and the noise reduction that is built-in to your photo editing app can all be applied locally using a selection tool. FWIW
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Ok, so I have the Nikon D3000 and TONS of blurry pics from all the baseball games. So if I set the aperture at its largest, what should the shutter speed be? Do I do this in the manual mode? I am practicing outside today with it for kicks. I set the shutter at 4000 but the camera is saying subject too dark and I take it anyway and come up with a black screen. I think I know the answer to that; not enough light getting in with a shutter speed that fast. am I correct? Every once in a while at a game I get a good shot, but boy do I need practice and tips. I am using 70-300mm lens also. My main goal is to freeze action. And most of it is during the day with plenty of natural light. HELP! Also, how do I attach an image? It's asking me for a url......???? Can you say NEWBIE

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elkay65 - can you please start a new thread? We'll be glad to help you out, but I don't want to hijack the OPs thread. While there is some commonality between your needs, every sport and situation is different. So please start a new thread and we'll be glad to help you out!
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