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billy Jul 23, 2009 3:08 PM

Nikon D5000 Service Advisory
Nikon D5000 Service Advisory (Update)

On the 17th of this month we reported that Nikon had posted a service advisory for their Nikon D5000 dSLR. At that time, they did not specify how many cameras had been affected with a defective electronic component related to power control. They have now added a Serial Number Checker page that will allow you to type in the serial number of your D5000 to see if it is included in this recall.

The details from this service advisory/recall can be found below:

Per Nikon's Website:
July 16, 2009

Notice to users of the Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Camera
Thank you for choosing Nikon for your imaging needs.
While Nikon takes great measures to assure high quality in its imaging products, it has come to our attention that an electronic component related to power control in some Nikon D5000 digital SLR cameras does not meet factory specifications and may, in certain circumstances, prevent the camera from turning on, thus preventing operation of the camera.

Indications of this issue include:
  • 1. The camera cannot be operated when the power switch is on, even with a fully-charged battery.
    2. The camera cannot be operated with the EH-5a AC Adapter connected through the EP-5 Power Connector and the power switch on.
The solution:

Nikon has isolated the issues related to this and is effectively resolving them. Preparations are under way at a special Nikon repair facility to streamline the processes associated to the solution and Nikon will be equipped to correct D5000 cameras at this facility, beginning July 23, 2009. Service related to this issue, including the cost of shipping affected D5000 cameras to Nikon, as well as their return to customers, will be free of charge. To further minimize customer inconvenience, Nikon will return serviced cameras to customers promptly, employing (whenever possible) transportation that limits transit time to two days.

Is your D5000 affected?
Your D5000 serial number will make it easy to determine if your D5000 is affected by this issue. A serial number look-up tool will be available on This Page beginning July 23, 2009. Therefore, we kindly ask D5000 users to return to this page on or after July 23rd to establish whether or not your camera requires the complimentary service related to this Service Advisory.

If your serial number indicates that your D5000 requires service:Beginning July 23, 2009, this page will include easy-to-follow instructions for customers whose D5000 cameras have been identified (by serial number as noted above) as needing service related to this Advisory. The instructions will include shipping tips and a shipping label generator will be provided. Using the Nikon-generated label is both convenient and relieves you of the expense of shipping your camera to Nikon.
We apologize for any inconvenience that Nikon customers may experience as a result of this issue. Nikon remains committed to providing only the highest quality photographic products and hopes that you will continue to choose Nikon for your imaging needs.

For additional information, please see Nikon's Frequently Asked Questions - D5000 Service Advisory page.

RichardK Jul 26, 2009 8:17 AM

YES!! sadly Mine is one that has to be repaired. My Camera Store :Henrys" is the greatest, the will give me a brand new one when they come in. can NOT say anything bad about the service.
It is still an awsome camera.

MarceloRSC Mar 1, 2010 7:33 PM


Did someone else had problems with this issue?

I want to buy a D5000, when I will be in USA, but as I don't live in USA it may be a problem to have the camera repaired. So I'd like to know if this problem is frequent...



shoturtle Mar 1, 2010 7:52 PM

You will most likely not get cover in your home country, as it will be a nikon USA camera. From other members, nikon USA will not fix camera form other nikon regions.

MarceloRSC Mar 1, 2010 8:54 PM

After this long search, there is one conclusion: nothing is defined :(... It seems that I'll need to go to some shops in Orlando and than buy what they have available on that moment... To buy the D5000 it will be necessary that the camera is not in the recall range, AND that the shop allow me to check it on the internet on THEIR computer (a bit difficult, I guess...). So I'll keep studing other models to have options on the hand. D90 is one of them, then Pentax K-X, and I'll check some other... The same with lenses - I must have some options for each brand to try to find a match available on the store...

PS: A person from Nikon support told me by e-mail today that there is no support outside USA, but that I can send it to USA, and they send it back to my country. I think it is a bit difficult to believe, and there are the possible problems with custom taxes that may apply when the camera returns...

BTW, the e-mail support from Nikon was the fastest I ever seen in any (big) manufacturer of anything that I have contacted. I posted the question yesterday (Sunday) and got reply at noon today. Then I exchanged 3 more messages with just a few minutes between the replies! I'm impressed with Nikon just before buying one!

shoturtle Mar 1, 2010 9:01 PM

Actually I think it is their policy, as nikon USA do not fix any nikon not brought in the USA. So I doubt nikon in brazil will honor nikon usa warranty.

Olympus is another fast customer support. I generally get a response back from then within the same day if I email them in the morning. Every company is different. Oly Germany fixed a oly usa camera free of charge for me. But I guess oly usa will fix oly germany's camera here.

MarceloRSC Mar 1, 2010 9:38 PM

They said that Nikon Brazil WILL NOT fix the camera bought in USA. But they also said that if I send it to Nikon USA they can fix and return back to Brazil. So Nikon Brazil would not be involved.

A bit off-toopic...

About Olympus I had an experience in the past. I bought a C5060WZ in B&H and received it in Brazil (so it's considered a camera sold in USA). So it had a problem, and I discovered that IN THAT EXACT MONTH Olympus just started to apply a Worldwide warranty. As I was the first in Brazil claiming this, it was difficult to convince people in the Olympus Technical Assistance in Brazil that they should to fix it in warranty, but sending them the e-mails I exchanged with Olympus USA, they fixed the camera for free! The only problem was that the tech assistance in Brazil is on the hands of only one firm, and they are VERY slow and inneficient - it took 4 months to have the camera back. (due this slow tech assistance Olympus is not much popular here - I really had some of them and always liked them a lot)

shoturtle Mar 1, 2010 10:08 PM

Every company is different. The Olympus tech support center got my camera fixed in 2 weeks in Germany. And Olympus USA fixed one in 3 weeks. So comes down to what the company value. Oly is very customer friendly form my experience, that was one of the reasons I got brought the epl-1 today. I have not fear that they will make me happy if I need anything fixed.

deadshot Mar 6, 2010 5:40 AM

Considering that I had mine fixed last year during all the hype and it only took Nikon UK 8 days to turn it around.
I cant believe that there are any out there that haven't been fixed, as most dealers dont want people coming back do they?.
Our local dealer took them all off his shelf and got them fixed as soon as he found out.
Yeah, I know ,in an ideal world.

MarceloRSC Mar 13, 2010 11:36 PM

I asked by e-mail to Harmon Photo in Orlando about this Recall, if they could check the S/N of the available camera, and I got this answer:

"Everything we have are fine."

I'm not saying it's not true, but I think I'll need to rent a notebook with portable Internet access and carry it into the shop when being in USA to be absolutely safe that I'll not get a camera listed in the recall... (someone can consider a "recall" camera as "fine" if it may be quickly fixed by the manufacturer)

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