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Hello, I'm new to this forum and I have been researching Nikon DSLRs for a couple of weeks now. My previous DSLR was a Sony A100. For a while I have been thinking of replacingthe Sonywith a Nikon DSLR. I have owned many Nikon SLRs over the years: F3, FM2, FE2, N8008s, and have a real fondness for them, but I've never had a Nikon digital SLRbody.

Anyway,let me cut to the chase: last week I bought the D60 package from Costco: D60 with 18-55and 55-200 kit lenses, BOTHwith VR, which wasn't always the case on many of the kits I've come across. The pricewas $650 after rebate. Seemed like a good deal, and there is a 90 day return policy. Now Ifind I can get anew(or new old stock)D80 body for a little over $500. I like the fact that the D80 has more focus points and ismore compatible with olderNikkor lenses. Most of my picture-taking is family and travel.

I've kind of narrowed it down to the D60 and D80 paired with the 18-200 VR lens, which is the lens I really want as an alternative to the kit lenses(I also looked at the D90 and D200 but they are out of my price range if I get the 18-200).

My question is: now that the D60 has been out for a while now, what is the verdict on its features? I'm thinking specifically about the dust reduction system and the Expeed processor? Would you just geta D40 with the better lens?

Which would you choose and why?

1) D60 2-lens 18-50 and 55-200 VR

2) D80 bodywith 18-200 VR

3) D60 body with 18-200 VR

4) D40 body with 18-200 VR

Thanks! Hope I can make up my mind soon!:?
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It depends on what you're shooting. For basic, everyday snapshots, the D60/40 would be fine. However, if you're shooting action, or want to take advantage of non AFS lenses, or want to use the Creative Lighting flash system, the D80 would be the way to go. It's faster, has more focus points and is well featured. Although I own the 18-200, I wouldn't recommend it as your only lens. It's a great walkaround, but it's relatively slow, and has distortion throughout the entire range...a typical Jack of all trades master of none. I only use it when traveling light, and find myself using it less and less.
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I have a D80 and the 18-200. I bought the 18-200 so I didn't have to change lens at sporting events. I never notice the distortion in the shots I take. It now lives on my D300. But it is big, and on the D300 the pair weighs a ton if I have to tote it around all day. I think the lens would be appear even larger on the smaller D40/60. I don't think you can go wrong with the 18-200 or any of the cameras you are looking at. The D80 and 18-200 tote around just fine, that's why I kept it. I would recommend the D80 because I like it's extra features and ability to use older lens and the 18-200 because it does everything well.
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