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Default Nikon D7200 third party battery and grip problems on a

I just purchased a D7200 then bought a Vivitar grip. As long as I use the nikon battery it works fine. But when I used a third party battery (Kastar?) the battery indicator on the top of the camera blinked as low power and the camera would not power on. That same battery works fine in the camera itself. I am hearing all kinds of rumors that nikon disabled or locked out something so we can no longer use third party batteries that once worked fine in the d7100 grip will not work in the nikon D7200.

Will a third party battery work in the genuine nikon MB-D15?

Does anyone know of other 3rd party grips that completely function on a D7200 with third party baterries?

I have heard that the pixel vertax D15 may work on the D7200...but some ads list the vertax D15 as d7100/7200 others just the d7100. Since the vertex came out before the 7200 was released, did they update the vertex D15's 7100/7200 version so the camera will read the the third party battery?

Forgive me but please only respond with your d7200 not the d7100. I understand the 7100 works fine with 3rd party batteries.


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im using a MB-D15 nikon grip with a EXpro 3rd party battery and it works fine
with my D7200 so i would forget the rumors

sounds like its the vivitar grip to me, does it work with nikon battery in the grip and the 3rd party one in the camera at the same time?

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also in the custom setting menu d (blue)
theres options to change the MB-D15 battery type and battery order d11 and d12

have you tried altering these?
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