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Since buying my D80 I have bought many accessories - tripods, monpods, remotes, lenses, cleaning gear, battery grip and extra battery (EN-EL3E) etc etc... However, since adding the grip and its two batteries, it becomes impossible to usequick release pads on their respective heads, simply because the releasemechanism has to swing out to get the pad onto the head which means that it hits the grip and thus wont let me get the pad into place. You can't use the screw hole in the bottom of the grip either because with all the extra weight of the grip with two batteries and a big lens, it is more than likely that the grip and camera or the grip and the head might part company causing some sort of damage.

One answer might be to get another battery and take off the grip and use the new battery in the default battery compartment, allowing me to use the quick release mechanism. I would rather leave the two existing batteries in the grip, together as they have been together since day one and are genuine Nikon ones... If I get a new battery, I thought about getting a replacement one as there are many around for as little as one half to one third the cost. The one I was looking at was called "Maximal Power" which has 7.4v & 1800 mAH output and has a chip inside it to prevent overcharging. I've heard some stories about using replacement batteries in Nikon cameras but the advert guarantees that it is compatible with the D80 and that it will charge in the standard charger. It has the words "Cell made in Japan" -"Assembled in China" on the label and I did read somewhere that cells made in Japan may be quite a bit better than those from China, although I guess you never really know what you are buying as even genuine Nikon batteries may well be similar in construction...

Anyone ever used or had problems with replacement batteries, especially EN-EL3E's...???
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I would be very cautious. Some of these replacements are of dubious quality. You will also lose the ability of the battery gauge, since as I understand it, the EN-EL3e has a special chip that allows it to communicate with the camera to give the detailed battery info. To me, it's not worth saving $20 or $30. You've got a $1000+ camera, why skimp on something as trivial as the battery.
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Have to agree with rj....he has said this many times in relation to many topics, and it makes a whole lotta sense to me. Why pay big money for a camera or lens and then skimp on the cheap stuff (filters, batteries, etc).
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I really don't think it will hurt anything to use the batteries you already have. If it makes you feel better just rotate them. use one one time and the other the next time. I don't think they have to be perfectly matched together. Even in the battery grip one of the batteries will deplete before the other one goes into use. They both are not used by the camera at the exact same time.

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Basically, you're all speaking the truth, and, these are things I should have thought of myself... Your replies are appreciated and I will follow your advice. Certainly I can use the existing batteries andif I decide to buy another, it will have the official "Nikon" label on it. To tell you the truth, there is quite a bit of difference in the price of original batteries from store to store and now that I think of it, I went to one of the most expensive stores to get mine. Since then though, I have found cheaper places to get them. I'm talking upt to 20% cheaper here, so now I know who will get my future business...

Many thanks guys...!!!
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