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I am a beginner and started looking into getting a DSLR. I would like to take pictures outdoors and of sports (surfing). I am looking into buying one of these 3 (Nikon D80, Canon Rebel XTi, Olympus E330) unless you may have any other suggestions. It seems that the Nikon is the best buy but I am not sure about it. I would like to ask you to please help me out with this important decision. I am planning to invest 1000-1500 max including lens. I am also planning to take courses and became more serious about photography. So, I am more interested in quality, performance and durability. Thank you very much for your help.
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Six weeks ago I was in your very same position. I went to speak with a friend of a friend who is a very experienced Nikon D-200 user that does really beautiful work about my impending camera decision.

He asked me why I really needed 10mp. Because, unless I really needed huge 16" X 20" prints or did a lot of cropping, the 6.1mp of the Nikon D-40 or D-50 cameras were just fine. I took his advice and was able to spend the money saved on the needed lenses.

I got the D-50 have have really been happy with it. I am learning a lot and have gotten some great photos. Here is a sampleinformal portrait, using just existing light.

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I went thru almost the same thing before buying the D80.

IMHO the D80 is better built than the Rebel, and has betterand faster autofocus which is a good thing for sports shooting. The rebel is smaller and lighterand it just doesn't feel right in my hands. The dust removal mechanism in the Rebel might be a point in favor for the Canon, but I don't believe it will rid youof having to do a manualclean of the sensoronce in a while.

And I reallydislike silver colored cameras, and their whitezoom lenses.
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