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Ishoot mostly landscape, sports and wildlife in JPG. I have most picture controls (Contrast, Brightness, Saturation , and Hue) set to default (0). Sharpness is set to 4 for all, except: Neutral is 3, and Portrait is 2. And, Standard picture control has Saturation set to +1.

General walk-around shooting:
Active D-Lighting (ADL) is off and I use Standard picture control with sharpening set to my default of 4 and saturation at +1. If I am around reflective surfaces and the sun is out ADL will be set to auto.

Sunlit landscapes:
I us the Landscape picture control for this with ADL on auto. Around water I turn ADL to medium. If I have backlighting, as with sunsets, I will turn ADL to high. Much of the time I leave ADL on auto and just forget about it.

Dim landscapes:
(Or with the sun at my back) I use Landscape with ADL off.

I treat this as bright landscape, with ADL set one step higher than the same situation in a typical landscape. Or, again, just put it on auto and forget it.

I usually switch to the sports scene mode and not worry about anything else. I may switch to continuous servo focus – or let auto select decide (it rarely misses moving targets). Again if I am in bright sun and around water, ADL will get turned to auto.

For flying birds, this will be set the same as if I was shooting sports. If I will be shooting slow moving animals out in the open, I will set this up as though it was a landscape shot.

I may use the Vivid picture control – which is pretty hot. But the "Close-Up" scene mode delivers a pretty good combination of settings to cover just about all floral shooting.

For everything else, I am pretty lazy. I will turn the wheel to Portrait, Night, or even – horrors – Auto.

If there is a contest winning scene in front of me I will first take a JPG shot with the picture control that makes sense. Then I turn to NEF and Neutral and bracket a few exposures.

It would be very interesting to see what "Picture Control" setting work for others.

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