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I would like to take pictures at some religious ceremonies where the priest gives a sermon and I don't want to disturb the people with my camera shutter sound.

Is there any way to silence/mute shuttersound in D80? (no shutter sound option)

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The shutter noise on the D80 is actually caused by the shutter itself. It cannot be tuned off, it is just the sound the camera makes not a recorded sound like other digital cameras.
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Unless I am severely mistaken, the D80 is a dSLR and hence, its "shutter sound" is exactly that, the sound of the shutter's mechanical action. The mirror, (or prism) flips out of position, the shutter leaves snap open, you capture the image. On film cameras like my N80, this is also accompanied by the sound of the film drive. These are all necessary parts of the camera's operation, and each action creates a sound. No sound, no picture.

Some digicams have digital shutters, (the sensors are always open) and therefore lack the characteristic shutter sound. I have an old Kodak DX6490 that has the option of creating a shutter sound each time you press the button, but it really has nothing to do with the way the camera works.

This is just a simplification of the issue, I'm sure that others can state it more accurately. In short, a dSLR will create a sound, a digicam may not.

I hope this is of help.
Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

-edit- while I was composing my reply, d_oshea beat me to the punch. His answer is right on the mark, and much more concise.
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Old Jan 17, 2007, 12:37 PM   #4
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As pointed out above the shutter and camera sound are mechanical and can't be helped. There are camera mufflers available that cover the camera and lens to try and control the sound.

See http://www.soundblimp.com/Default.htm for one solution. Not cheap though!
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Old Jan 17, 2007, 3:32 PM   #5
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Just had a quick look on eBay and here is something that might do the job (you can probably find something similar local to you).

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Thanks to Oshea and Tom for theirinputs that give me the dslr knowledge as I am still learning about the dslr andam enjoy taking pictures with D80. And thanks to Bob and Marks for the useful liknks. I will check the links this evening.

As I am a newbie in this dslr field , this forum is very helpful to me.

Again, Thank you very much to all of you.
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you've got a very nice DSLR (for your first DSLR)! -enjoy, -it has a ton to offer.
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