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Amazing, all i asked in the begining was for personal view, why cause Nikon last entry was the D7000 and Sony latest entry is the A77
what i liked what i saw about the A77 i wondered if Nikon would reply with soon what is so wrong in that

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Originally Posted by Bynx View Post
Well dafiryde, I took a pill and then I chilled and your dumb question still pisses me off. Why? because it doesnt matter. There will always be a better something coming along. The D7000 is still relatively new. I just bought one and reading your question here, especially from someone not looking to buy either it is just a question to piss people off. I dont know what your intent is but I personally dont like it. You even admit doing this stunt before in another forum. Look for trouble and you will find it. Now Im going to go take another pill and do some more chilling.

as for you, were you an abused child, you write like you were
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Now you are passing yourself off as a psychiatrist? Maybe you better ask yourself not so much what you are asking, but how you are asking it. How about something like. How do you think the A77 compares to the D7000? The way you asked your question made it sound like the D7000 was just a piece of junk. You dont want to be treated like a putz, stop sounding like one. Jim has asked me to be civil. Its pretty tough with you. And do you need someone elses views before you arrive at your own? What are your views since you asked the question?
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OK guys, that's enough.

Debating the merits of one camera over another is one thing, as long as the discussion is kept civil.

But, when personal and inflammatory comments come into it, that's unacceptable behavior here.

We have a friendly community here, and I'd like to see it stay that way.

This thread is closed.
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