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One of the biggest differentiators that people are likely to see when looking for a camera is the IS, SSS, Anti-Shake whatever people decide to call it and I can't see that either Nikon or Canon are going to put this in their bodies otherwise their top end lenses will not be as essential. The Pro market is totally stitched up by these two brands and that is where a lot of the money comes from and because people know that the Pros are using them then they are also going to be keen to have the baby brother/sister (not sure what sex a camera is) of that. As Pentax has been the main manufacturer mentioned here then lets look at what Nikon has over them and that has to be the lens quality. Look at what you can by from Pentax and at the moment there is nothing in there that is going to get overly excited about so this is going to limit the long term appeal of the Pentax range for anyone looking to grow with their purchase. No admittedly a lot of photographers moving into the dSLR world will not be aware of this (and I include myself in this as I bought the Konica Minolta5D and have since switched to Canon) so could cause problems in the future when looking to get top notch glass.
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