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I'm from Korea and I read many topics about Canon vs Nikon...

I just registered this forum today, so i don't konw much about nikon vs canon in other countries...

Many Asian people prefer canon for shooting people...

and they like nikon for shooting scenes...

do you also think same...?

canon is better for people and nikon is better for scenes?

personally, i like canon's color,

but i've seen too many people having problem with focus...

my main question is...

"do you think canon will be better option if i'm shooting mostly people?"

thank you :G
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To be honest with you,

the real issue regarding people photography is which LENS should youuse, not so much which camera, ( Canon or Nikon in your question ).

The style of people photography you are shooting will set the parameters you will need from a particular lens.

This relates to Depth of Field, Clarity, Contrast, Camera moblity, etc.

This is all IMHO. Hope it helps.



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Old Jan 15, 2008, 8:54 PM   #3
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I think Canon produces too warm picture of people. First look is impresive , but after several pics you can see everything is too warm. I prefere Nikon as follow:
Lot of my friends had Canon and all experienced trouble and broke; Canon kit lens is inferior than Nikon kit lens; I had 5 Nikon camera and always was happy. Anyway price tag is answer.
Good luck
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Old Jan 16, 2008, 5:13 AM   #4
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I'm sure there are very good reasons for choosing Canon instead of Nikon or Nikon instead of Canon. Both companies make excellent cameras and which you prefer is generally a matter of personal choice. You may prefer the colours of one or the other, although that can always be tweaked in post processing. The handling is probably more important than anything else, a camera should feel right in your hands and the controls should be easy for you to operate and understand.

Whatever you choose Nikon or Canon you'll have a good camera.


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This is about color only.
In my opinion (I think), Sony has the most natural (realistic/ true to life) colors. May be similar colors are made with Olympus. Camera settings can make a lot of differene. But this is out of camera colors I am speaking. I think even landscapes should also have natural colors and not look like paintings.


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