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zaraga Dec 4, 2012 5:53 AM


I would like to ask some suggestion about RIG. I am before purhcse one and i would like ask more experienced photographers.

I have a Canon 7d and i need a support system.

There are lots of RIGs i have found but it seems that there is a wide range in price and in compilation.

Could anybody recommend a type or brand which seems good both in price and quality?


tizeye Dec 11, 2012 7:16 PM

Not really certain what you are referring to by "rig". Set of lens? Sliders or stabilizers for video? On the video side, I have a Kenova slider, Flycam Nano stabilizer, and a Glideslope jib crane. All of them will work with Canons, but did you mean to post in a Nikon forum?

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