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jack55 Jun 29, 2013 9:07 AM

Rufous Hummingbirds still coming through
The Rufous Hummingbird migrates every year over 2,700 miles from across the gulf of mexico to Canada in Spring and back to Mexico in fall.

My last Rufous left a couple weeks ago and that bunch was the latest they've come through the five years I've been watching them. It was just getting normal around my place with the Anna's coming back... (Rufous tends to clear them out when they come through).

Late yesterday afternoon a female Rufous showed up again and claimed one of the feeders.This is not normal! They all should be up in Canada or Alaska by now! I've never seen them come through this late before. Plus, I've always seen one or two males. No males yet this year.

Franko170 Jun 29, 2013 6:10 PM

The Rufus has also started showing up in Ohio late November/early December after the Ruby Throateds move out for warmer climate. I haven't seen one yet personally, but the Ohio Division of Wildlife has received reports and has a couple photos of them in Ohio just in the last few years, thanks for sharing.

Wizzard0003 Jun 30, 2013 6:36 AM

Nice shots...! :)

MarceloLI Jul 29, 2013 11:07 AM

Beautiful shots, sad we don't have Hummingbirds in New York.


jack55 Jul 29, 2013 5:32 PM

I also have Anna's that stay with me year round, even when it snows:

WCKSer Jul 30, 2013 9:52 PM

Nice and sharp! Beautifully done!

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