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I'm looking for a high-speed 4GB SD card for my Nikon D80. In order to go 4GB, I was looking at SDHC (SD High Capacity) cards.

Research on the Net revealed that SDHC cards come in various "Classes" with the following sustained write speeds:

Class 2 - 2MB/sec
Class 4 - 4MB/sec
Class 6 - 6MB/sec

Also, SDHC cards need a new USB2.0 card reader (rated SDHC) and may only be recognized as 2GB SD cards in some legacy hardware causing corrupt data and even data loss.

See following:

However, the Sandisk 2GB Extreme III SD card has a write speed of 20MB/sec which is way faster than the new SDHC cards??????

Has anyone tried an SDHC card? Which one? How did it perform?

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I've got a 4gig Scandisk Ultra II card. It came with it's own usb reader.

I haven't noticed any problems or slow downs...though I shoot RAW+JPG, which kills the camera's (D80) buffer REAL fast anyways. Write times seem quick if I let off the shutter for a couple seconds; the buffer clears. But, I don't have any conclusive evidence that it performs better/worse than my 2gigScandisk Ultra II card.
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I'd stick with the "approved" memory cards listed in the back of your manual. Just to be safe and to save you an possible inconvenieces. Because you tried a card that wasn't recommended by Nikon.

Better yet...e-mail Nikon Canada if you have any questions. This way if something happens that shouldn't it's their fault. They're liable.

My 2 cents...

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I aksed Nikon Canada for a list of approved SD cards for the Nikon D80 and they provided the following link / information:

http://support.nikontech.com/... ...dp.php?p_faqid=14048&p_created=1155132515

This list also includes SDHC cards.

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