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I'm fortunate to use two great camers-the D2X and the D200. Overall, I think both are great cameras. But, delving through the handbook the other day, it occured to me that I have yet to come across circumstances when I might want to use the shooting bank function on either camera.

Anyone out there using this function and care to comment on its usefulness or otherwise?

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Yes I use them

I set ISO and white balance for the type of light I encounter and switch accordingly

i.e. Sunny day White balance to full sun and ISO 100, dark cloudy day White balance cloudy and ISO 400

I find it handy although I realiseyou can quickly set these on top of the camera

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Just to confuse you a little more, there are 4 Shooting Banks and 4 Custom Settings Banks.

Do I use them? Not very often.

But I recommend setting them up. It's a great exercise in learning all the variations you can employ when taking photos! :lol:

I have set up the banks so one is dedicated to auto-ISO. This one is designed for indoors, mostly. It's useful for maintaining high shutter speeds for action instead of slowing down the shutter to get the exposure right.

I do have one set up for shooting HDR. I'll be in RAW and associated with a Custom Settings bank for shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots. When doing that, I don't want any custom settings like Tone Compensation=AUTO employed because they may make subtle changes to my photo. I'm doing bracketed shots.

Thom Hogan's guide recommends leaving Bank A blank and using that for all your manipulations. Not a bad idea, really. (But he also says we should avoid FOLDERS at all costs -- something that certainly doesn't make sense to panorama shooters!)

All my WB/QUAL/ISO settings are usually set manually at the start of any shoot.

If you aren't using your banks, why worry? I've never found a situation that didn't require some adjustments...and then your bank is altered until you clear it.

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If you use the camera in a studio with flashes, and outdoors you can preset this situations.

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