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Hi we will be shooting a wedding on Thanksgiving day for friends and I was wondering how much of a improvement in photos does the SB600 add? My camera is a Nikon D40x. Please any info would help
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You are entering dangerous territory my friend. I assume you are only the amateur and that there will be a professional phtographer? If you are the only photographer you must take account of a number of issues:-

1. Always have a second camera body in case one has a problem.

2. Several lenses are needed. I use the 17/55 and 70/200 Nikkors

3. A good flash is essential. I use the SB800 (don't forget the diffuser)

4. Shoot in RAW

5.Preferable to have the off camera flash bracket.

6. Sit down with the B&G and plan the sequence of photos they want. Discuss with the priest whether he allows photography in the church.

These are just a few of widely accepted musts if you are going to be THE wedding photographer, not just taking snaps. If the latter, then the SB600 will give you far more options and greater distance. Oh, and if you don't buy it and go with just the built in flash, for goodness sake leave the lens hood off otherwise each photo will have a lovely semicircular shadow at the bottom.
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Use smaller memory cards (4GB or less) to reduce the chance of memory card corruption. Don't want to put all your eggs in one basket.

SB-800 is has a more powerful flash, allowing you to illuminate more. Also consider getting the Nikon SD-8A for the SB-800, so the flash recharges quickly.

Unless the wedding is outdoors, you'll need a flash and/or fast lenses like cameranserai said to get good pictures.

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