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Did you read my responses?

The photos are not visible if you're using adblock, adlbock+ or similar extensions along with the Malware Domains Filter list (one of many filter lists that those types of extensions can subscribe to in order to block adverts and/or malware).

The Malware Domains Filter is designed to block content from sites with malware on them. That's a usually good thing from my perspective, and I use it myself (to prevent malicious content from loading in browser pages when content to those sites is included on web pages).

But, the problem is that they're blocking content from any site's pages with users.telenet.be as part of the site name (and there are many users, including the OP, that are hosting content on that domain name, with folders for their own web sites, photos, etc.).

So, because the OP has his photos located in folders on that domain, they are not visible on web pages (including forum posts here) to users that have adblock, adblock plus, or similar ad blocking extensions running with the internet browsers they're using (Chrome, Firefox and others), if those extensions are subscribing to the malware domains filter list (which many users are going to subscribe to when installing those types of browser extensions)

I can't solve it (it's beyond our control), since internet browsers are loading the photos embedded inside of the bbcode img tags directly from that domain (they're not stored on our site).

Basically, if anyone tries to view threads with the OP's photos embedded that are being hosted on users.telenet.be and they are using ad blocking extensions that subscribe to the malware domains filter list; then they will not see the embedded images.

That's not only applicable to recent threads; that's applicable to all threads (or any other web pages elsewhere) with embedded photos hosted on that domain, past and present.

So, unless users disable their adblock extensions on sites like steve's where users have embedded images in posts hosted on that domain; or they "white list" users.telenet.be ; or they disable the use of the malware domains filter list; then the OP's embedded images will not be visible to them.

The OP disabled the use of adblock on our forums (so he can see his own images again). But, nobody else viewing the posts here using one of those browser extensions (adblock, adblock plus, etc.; with the malware domains filter list) will be able to see them unless they do the same type of thing (and that goes for images the OP has embedded in many older threads, too).

Hopefully, others that host their images on users.telenet.be will complain about that domain being added to the malware domain filters list; as IMO, that's not very fair for the maintainers of that filter list to block all content hosted on that site, just because they apparently found malware on one user's pages there.

But, in any event, there's nothing I can do about it.

Viewers of threads here (or any other web pages anywhere with embedded images located on that filtered site) have adblock software running that uses that filter list, they're not going to be able to see the embedded photos; unless they do one of the things I mentioned (disable the adblock extensions for our forums and other sites they visit with those photos embedded, disable the use of the malware domains filter list, or "white list" any folders they want to see content from that are hosted on users.telenet.be

Again, the same thing would apply to all other web pages (forums, or any other type of web page) with photos embedded that are located on users.telenet.be (users that have extensions like adblock or adblock plus running in their browsers are not going to be able to see those photos if the malware domains filter list is enabled)..

The adblock extensions running in internet browsers is what is blocking the images from being visible to viewers (because they're filtering any content located in folders with users.telenet.be in their name, and the OP's embedded photos are loading from users.telenet.be/testbase/Steve), and that has nothing to do with any software that's running on our end.

I use adblock and/or adblock plus with my browsers in both Windows and Linux, and in general, I like the way they work, and I consider the malware domains filter list to be a good filter to subscribe to, since it can help to prevent malware from being loaded from pages found to host malicious content (since the list is updated frequently with domains found to host malware). Use of that kind of product in your browser adds another layer of protection against malware infection.

But, as we've found out in this case, there can be problems with using that type of browser filter. Because the OP is embedding photos stored on a [currently] filtered domain name, nobody using that type of browser extension is going to be able to see the OP's photos when viewing web pages including them (and browser extensions like adblock and adblock plus are *VERY* popular; meaning that many viewers will not be able to see the OP's images in any threads he's embedded them in).
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Yeah, I got that. But I saw the images, and read the OP's request for help with an "image problem". I thought that Lordje was asking for help with a problem that appeared IN his images, not about a problem displaying images that I saw just fine.
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Nope. He couldn't see them at all in posts (because he was running adblock plus).

Apparently, you are not running that kind of ad block extension in your browsers (or if so, you're not using the same filter lists), hence you could still see the images. The OP couldn't see them, hence why he was doing things like posting direct links to the images he was trying to embed earlier with comments to click on the links to see them (he's since edited the original posts, after I determined the issue and he disabled adblock plus when viewing the forums here).

*Many* users have adblock, adblock plus or similar ad blocking extensions installed in their browsers now (including me). Outside of something like Adobe Flash Player, those are probably the most popular internet browser add-ons available. But, they can prevent viewers from seeing images the OP has embedded in posts here (since the site the images are hosted on was recently added to a "malware domains" filter list being used by those kinds of ad blocking browser extensions).

Hopefully, the maintainers of that list will remove the domain from the list soon (as they may not realize that there are a *lot* of different users hosting content on pages there, and just because one user may have hosted a page including malware, IMO, they should not be filtering all content from that domain).
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Originally Posted by SIMON40 View Post
Thx for your comment Simon, it is heavily loaded for sure
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