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Default Some Questions about Nikon

Hi all, I currently own a Pentax K5 which I Just sent back to B/H for a replacement due to random freezing. I have noticed that Pentax has had a lot of different QC problems lately, and since my investment in the system only includes two lenses at the moment, I was thinking now may be a good time to switch cameras. Is this a good time to be thinking about the D7000? Aside from Pixel Remapping what other features would I be giving up by switching over. I must admit I would miss the Pixel Remapping feature, used it a few times on my K7. Seems like Nikon has had it's share of problems as well. Can anybody elaborate on this? Has the oil splash been resolved? Does the Nikon's have micro focus adjustment for front, and back focus? Do you think they will ever make a firmware update that includes Pixel Remapping? Can you shoot in High Def aspect ratio for stills using Liveview? I know it's a lot of questions, but I really know nothing about Nikon. Thanks for your time.
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I'm surprised you haven't had a few answers Tony.

AFAIK, the K5 and the D7000 are both based on the same Sony image
sensor. I don't think you would see much difference between them in terms
of image quality. Nikon and Canon seem to have a slightly better autofocus
systems than Pentax, but i doubt that this would be a big issue unless you
are a sports photographer. As you have observed, all manufacturers have
occasional QC issues.
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I can't say I've seen any evidence Pentax has more QC issues than Nikon. With every camera where there are major changes, there are always some issues. Wait until the replacement K5 comes and give it a shot first. I happen to be a Canon guy, so no horse in this race. And there certainly are advantages to each system. But I don't think it's accurate to state Pentax has more QC issues than Nikon. Not with the current generation of cameras.
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Good point. I am going to try one more K5 since I have 3 lenses. Thanks.
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I have Pentax (K10D, KM, 7 digital lenses) and Canon (G12 and 430 EX 11 flash) equipment.

Maybe I've been lucky (touch wood) but so far both my Pentax and Canon equipment have been reliable....no issues.

As others say, occasionally you will get some problems, but generally these days camera equipment seems pretty competitive and good.
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I was a long time Pentaxian (15 years) and sold all my gear and went Nikon. Biggest attraction was the availability of goodquality long range zoom lenses (e.g. 70-200 f2.8) which I use for aviation photography. Also, seemed like there are more lenses (as well as accessories) for Nikon and Canon compared to Pentax. E.g. Tokina lenses are yet to be available for Pentax. Also for my aviation photography, the Nikon AF system (D300s) seemed more accurate and faster than my Pentax K20D.

I was very pleased with Pentax and did not have any quality issues. I was however concerned about the future of Pentax with the sale to Hoya and even now to Ricoh. I was not convinced that Hoya treated the DSLR business as a priority. I was correct in that Hoya eventually sold off that part of the business to Ricoh. Hopefully, it will be good for Pentax.

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