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Hello. I can see what looks like an spec of dust in the visor of my Nikon D40, however it does not show in pictures. Can you tell me where in the camera is it supposed to be?

Also, how safe is to use a non Nikon battery in my camera? (I purchased one for cheap at feebay and it was shipped from China, it says 1800 mah.)

Thanks for your help!
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I cannot tell you exactly where the spec is, but if you are seeing it, then it somewhere in the mirror system that directs the image to your eye. Although the spec is annoying, you will not see that in you image. I have a couple too and you get used to it. Of course every now and then you'll probably need a cleaning of your camera and they'll clean out the dust then. I use a non-nikon battery as my spare and I don't think twice about it. I suppose there is always a chance it could cause problems if it is a really cheap one, but I don't know.

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It would be a good idea to check out a mirror cleaning kit. This won't be the last spec of dust that makes it's way into the camera's optical path.

You also might want to investigate some sensor cleaning tools like the ones made by Visible Dust. Particles on the sensor cover will be far more annoying than the specs that don't show in the picture!

I've never bought one of these ridiculously cheap batteries, but I have bought a number of non-Nikon batteries from reputable import houses. They had at least a year warranty. I have a suspicion that they were actually somewhat less than the rated capacity considering their performance, but I've never had an actual problem with them.

After I bought those, I found a good deal on Duracell brand lithiums. They have a three year warranty, cost half as much as the OEM battery and I trust the manufacturing quality since they are produced by one of the biggest names in the business.

Again, no problems from them.

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