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I have been a longtime Nikon film camera user and recently bought a Panasonic FZ20. I was skeptical of using the electronic view finder until it helped me rediscover the pleasures of using the spot meter. With the EVF, I get instant feedback from spot metering versus having to look at the LCD for results.

Has this been a hassle for you guys using the D70? Any tips or tricks for previewing your meter results before taking the shot? Thanks. I'm considering upgrading this DSLR.
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What is an electronic viewfinder? If you are referring to previewing on the LCD screen, I find that totally useless. The D70 has an optical, through-the-lens viewfinder. Preview of the image is not possible because of the mirror. As far as I know, the D70s has the same viewfinder arrangement. This is typical of most if not all DSLR's. Previewing the image on LCD is not possible. The optical viewfinder views through a wide-open lens. The iris of the lens does not close down to the metered setting until the shutter release is depressed all the way.

Cal Rasmussen

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Electronic viewfinder is like looking at a small TV screen in the viewfinder instead of through glass. You can also see all of the data that shows on the LCD.
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The D70/s has a depth of field preview button that will close the iris, prior to firing, to the setting that the image will be captured. The DOF preview is useful when you need to be certain how much of the foreground/background will be in/out of focus in an image. I would imagine that it works in effect, the same way your EVF does by showing what the lighting will be but, in a "manual" sort of way and with the addition of DOF preview. I have found the D70 metering to be quite good and "cautious" if you will, to not blow out highlights, so I would not worry about placing the spot and tripping the shutter. With the D70, and most cameras I'm sure, you can also watch the F-stop and/or shutter speed settings change as the "spot" is moved to and from the target. An easily accessible AF/AE lock button can also be used to lock in settings and allow a reframe with the "locked" settings. Also, the center weighted metering is "tunable" in the menu to a 6,8,10,12mm circle.

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