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Default Spot on pictures

Hey guys, I just purchased a used D3000 off of KEH.com. I just received it today in the mail and was playing around with it when I noticed there was a spot on the images when previewed.

It's actually moved. It was up and to the right more when I first noticed it. I'm thinking it's probably dust and after I first noticed it I visually inspected the front and back of the lens and inside the camera but couldn't see anything. Any quick ways I could blow some air around in there to get the crap out?

The first image is zoomed all the way out and the second is zoomed all the way in.

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That looks like dust on the sensor. There are lots of ways to remove dust, but the safest ones are the ones that don't physically contact the sensor. Try a blower first. Something like http://www.adorama.com/Als/ProductPage/GTRABLR.html
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To be visible on the preview screen, that must be some big speck of dirt! Typically the specks show up when viewed on an external monitor. As TCAV suggested, a blower such as the Rocket Blaster (http://www.amazon.com/Giottos-AA1900...6260667&sr=1-1 ) works very well. Not sure if your camera has a sensor self clean function which if available you can use as well. If it does not help, I'd return the unit to KEH...I think they have a 60 day warranty on the gear that they sell.
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take it to a local shop and have them clean it. i used to take my D40 once a year. to have it cleaned. the shop i took it to just charged me $40
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