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HI all,

I believe this question about filters was just asked in a different way, but I'm not sure I quite got the answer, being a relative newbie to DSLR. So I'd like to relay an "ah-ha" moment I had this afternoon to see if I can get a little more explanation.

I was standing outside around 1 pm today enjoying the cloudless and clear bright blue sky and all the beautiful flowers and palms and architecture that drew us to Tampa to begin with. I had on my cheapola clip-on sunglasses and was thinking howvivid and colorful even ordinary objects looked on this exquisitely beautiful day,and that I should grab my D40 and try to capture some of it.

But then I took off my sunglasses and saw the vividness and color replaced with the scene tht I usually capture on sunny days, a dullish flat washed out glaring scene, still a nice day but not the sharp colorful"popping"image that my sunglasses allowed me to see.

So, here is the question. Are there filters that act as sunglasses for lenses?? Would that be a polarizing filter? Neutral density?? Something else? I am sure there must be, but the only filter I have bought is the UV filter. Haven't ventured beyond that.

Thanks for any help.

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you are definetly looking for a circular pol. it reduces glared deepens the blue in the sky and gives the whole picture a nice pop/vividness. but careful, it takes of about 2 stops, so youll have slower shutter speeds... but if its sunny out then i wouldnt worry too much as it will still be a rather high SS im assuming! that "vividness" could also be reproduced in PP. hope i helped clear any questions? if not ill clarify

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Old Mar 26, 2007, 12:24 PM   #3
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Thanks very much for the concise answer, Logan! I will definitely add a circular polarizingfilter to my shopping list. I much prefer to get the pic right out of the camera rather than depend on PP. Although I have finally accepted that some post processing is inevitable,it seems I spend more time with the computer than the photo session and it bugs me. As they say, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should!"

My goal is to get it very close to right in the camera and only do minor tweeks in PP, not adjust every thing in the menu to see if I can make a blah photo good. That seemslike sacrilage to me.

Thanks again!


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Post work is necessary, and not something to be considered sacrilege. Most post work processes are based on workflows and techniques that came from the darkroom. And believe me, your local photo lab performs adjustments and tweaks when developing your film. The only difference is now you have more control over the final image, which wasn't true in the film days because most didn't have access to a darkroom. Sure, you should try to get things like exposure and white balance correct in camera, but in terms of color, contrast etc, most images will benefits from tweaks to these areas.
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And if buying a polerizer,spend a bit,don,t put cheapo glass in front of the dear glass of your lens,it,s about $70 ish for a good one.

And as you say,I think we all try to get a "good photograph" to save us a lot of tweeking on the PC ,but I remember the old film days,when you got what was given from processors and that was that,

I was not into my own developing,but believe it was far messier than sitting in front of a PC..

No. give me digital any day and that magic moment missed on film can sometimes be salvaged in photoshop..MAGIC...

PS,newbie to digi,but love it...Rick

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