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rjseeney wrote:
Check out Thom Hogan's website, http://www.bythom.com. He talks on the front page about why some of these changes will be occurring soon in the US, although he states increaases will typically be incurred on lenses and accessories. Considering pricing has remained stable or only slightly decreased despite the relative weakness of the Yen to other currencies, it's suprising it hasn't happened sooner. Nikon's margins and financial predictions were based on a much stronger Yen. to meet their goals and expected margins, a price increase is neccessary. Yes, money is tight for everyone, but it's tight for Nikon too. If your production costs go up (in this case it's not production, it's currency exchange rates), a price increase is expected, especially if volume is already down. They're not "mad", it's just a necessary business decision.

Nikon has to watch their pennies too.
You have that the wrong way around!!!!!

The Yen has STRENGTHENED about 40% in the last 6 months against the GB Pound, and various amounts against most other currencies.

Astronger Yen means that you have to spend more GBP or US$ to buy a fixed number of Yen.

e.g. If a camera cost £300 previously, then a 40% increase in the value of the Yen will increase the cost to a UK importer by 40%, so that £300 camera could end up costing £420.

I currently live in Japan, soI am always following the currency movements to decide when to send money back to Australia.

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My point of view is prices of cameras / gear will come down and soon, if not the consumer will survive the camera factory will not., people will put things like food first ,then surprisingly a survey said recently holidays, also ladies hair jobs clothes, even shoes, perfume,first in the list of wont stop buying these items above other things when money is scarse. :?

I dont know where cameras come in the must have priority list, but Isuspect way down thelist (just look at new cars most of us have one allready!, )of must have that latest model / new camera is my point of view.

In fact I believe camera gear will come down a lot,and not go up from these latest price increases, because we dont have to buy new gear most of us , what we have is well up to the job mostly, and this years model is oftennot a lot better than last years modelie D40-D60 ,40d-50d ,G9-G10 ( A650- A2000 LOL ) and I belive we change our cameras too oftenfor not very good reasons, and waste a lot of moneyus camera geeks,aranoid:

The camera companies need us more than we need to throw more money at there now expensive same again or worse latest models, and we can all mostly hang fire for now untill prices reduce. I think if we do that then just watch the prices tumble, :blah:is just my point of view. exuse bad grammer / spelling.

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