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fotogal Aug 20, 2007 10:22 PM

Has anyone used the Nikon D80 battery charger abroad where the voltage is 240V, as in China? Did you use it with the power cord supplied by Nikon in U.S? Any problems? Overheating?

Battery charger is multivoltage (100-240V)
Power cord (125V)

hgernhardtjr Aug 20, 2007 10:27 PM

Dang, gal ... you don't need to ask the same question in three locations! Your worry about the cord, from your previous post elsewhere, is unfounded. Get the plug-adapters as mentioned. I have used Canon, NIkonand Sony 110-240vac chargers all over the world with no problem! And yes, most recently my daughter visited China with her college choir and usedher Nikon charger no problem!

fewpics Aug 21, 2007 6:23 AM

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As in my reply for your post just below this thread...

You don't have to worry about burning out the cord as this only supply the mains power from the wall to the charger. The charger is where all the action takes place. The current needed to charge up a simply 7.4 volt 1500mah battery will NOT hurt a cord made for the USA which operates on 110-120v or thereabouts.

You will more than likely though have to get a new cord made for the country you are going to. We have 240v mains here and here's shot of my MH-18a and its 240v plug... I am sure we will have the exact same charger unit and all you need is a new cord so you can plug it in...

hgernhardtjr Aug 21, 2007 8:03 AM

What fewpics says is correct. HOWEVER, you do NOT need to go to the expense of a new cord.

All you need is a plug adapter that converts fromUSA standard plug to whatever plug type is used in the country you are visiting. Again, pick one up at any RadioShack, most WalMarts, and virtually any airport gift shop.

fewpics Aug 21, 2007 5:14 PM

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Yes, you are correct but I personally I hate those adaptors and try not to use them if/when possible aslots of them don't fit that well and I havereceived a fewshocks onoccasions while trying to pull the poor fitting plug from the wall and having to tuck my fingers around the edge of it. The worst offenders I have found are from Amreican two pin cords or plug fittings to our (New Zealand - 240v 10amp) mains. Some of these are downright dangerous as the two pin American plugs will sometimes slide out of the adaptor with ease, actually semi exposing live pins and when you have 240v running past them,,, Wowwwwwieeee. It brightnes up your footwork real quick... Lots of electronics here,nowadays, come from other countrieswiththeir standard fittings on the power units. Usually the agent or retailer will inlcude an adaptor to suit our wall sockets and I do not know how they get away with it. Absolutely downright dangerous...

Following photo is my WORST offender, even though it isn't USA/NZ,, it is UK or European (I think) but I can't even plug this into the standard wall socket here as the power supply will eventually slide out under its own weight. Luckily the pins are insulated but that is of littlevalue to me...

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