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1) I ran some tests on spot metering tonight. I held the camera horizontally and metered on a shadow area. I rotated the camera 90 degrees to the vertical and metered the same area but the picture was darker. Any explanation?

2) The manual says that if you are going to take a picture and your eye is not against the viewfinder (such as with the self-timer), you should cover the viewfinder to ensure an accurate exposure. How much will not covering the viewfinder deceive the exposure? And, I wear glasses and try to avoid putting the lens of my specs up against the camera to prevent them from getting scratched up. Could this affect my metering?
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1. If the shadow area has very little detail or is very dark the exposure could be different. Also any change in distance or lighting would affect the exposure.

2. That depends on how bright the surrounding area is. If you're outdoors, a lot of stray light could enter the viewfinder, and affect your exposure. If you're indoors, or if you're shooting something that's significantly darker or brighter than the surrounding area exposure could be affected as well by the stray light. As to how much, every situation is different.

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To add to what's already said about #2, the camera's metering sensor (that's the 1,005-pixel metering CCD for D70) is located near the top of camera, by the prism and viewfinder area, that's why light coming into the viewfinder could affect metering. During actual exposure, the mirror swings up, blocking most of the light coming from the viewfinder, so most of the problem happens during metering. (*I think*)

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Thanks, guys.

I was metering on the same thing when I did the horizontal-vertical test, but I can run it again under different circumstances just to double-check.

So far, my shooting has favored indoors but I still see the light of day every now and then. I might just not use my glasses and let the diopter do its thing instead.

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas
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