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NHL wrote:

"Thus if Nikon's manufacturing engineers decide they can build a better product in Thailand, they make it in their very own factory there to their own standards. You or I trying to guess quality from where it's made clouds the real issue: how well it works.
You are far better off looking at the images made by a camera or lens and not wasting time looking where the "made in" sticker says."
Heh. Ken Rockwell. One man's opinion.

I don't dispute that we should be more concerned with "how it performs" than "where it's made". But the fact is if Nikon Japan believes they should manufacture all their PRO glass and D3/D700/D6 (prob out of production now) in Japan...ya gotta wonder.

When Nikon Japan decides to cease all production in Japan and build a massive plant to dwarf all their plants in Thailand....THEN...I'll leave the "Made in Japan is better cult".

Any how enough has been said on this matter. We all have our own beliefs.

Now if a D700 owner would take a photo of the bottom of their camera so I can see for myself they are indeed "Made in Japan"...hehe!

(Btw in case some of you don't already know I am a D300 owner so I'm not totally biased. And I've been very happy with it's performance and build quality. I just would have preferred that my camera gear was made in the land of the rising sun..would have been the icing on the cake...and I'll leave it at that).

Have a good week people!
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Here's an older article on the subject:

Modern Camera Manufacturing - Made in Thailand by Lars Kjellberg

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