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Originally Posted by rjseeney View Post
The D3100 replaced the D3k. The Nikon DX lineup going forward is clearly D3xxx-D5xxx-D7xxx-D400 (?or whatever the D300 replacement is)
Eventho I own D5000, I feel D3100 is more advanced than D5000, except for the flippable LCD.

I think it's getting harder for Nikon to differentiate the D5xxx line from D3xxx line. Or they may merge some day.


Let's wish the Japanese can get over the current situation, settle the nuclear crisis, and a steady recovery.

And Nikon can resume the production & R&D soon.
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I have had my D50 for years and years. I'm wondering what I should upgrade first - the body or the lens or the software.

What I'm finding is that my pictures no longer look as sharp as other professionals I'm comparing myself to. Over the last few months, I've really started noticing the difference. Here's what I'm using:

Nikon D50
Tamron AF 18-200mm
Nikon AF 50mm 1.8

My photography friends are saying I need to switch to a newer body, VR Lenses, Lightroom, and shooting in RAW instead of JPG. (I find RAW annoying to work with since I always have to change it to JPG anyway to give them to clients.)

What should I do first?

I have a part-time business, mostly families and children, but don't do enough of it to warrant spending a boat-load of money. I also take thousands of pics of my kids.

Thanks in advance!
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