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I have been using a Circular Polorising Filter with my 200d and 18-135 lens
My images are better exposed without filter even on a bright sunny day.
Am I using it correctly, can somone explain uses/misuses of the filter.
Main use ramping up colors and nuetralising glare.
Please help
Also notice in filter coating several bright dots ?

fire377 :|
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By "better exposed" do you mean brighter? I have used one many times and the colors and sky will be more saturated giving the apperance of a darker image. Post a picture so we can see what your seeing.
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The use of the circular polarizer isn't to "ramp up colors" so much as to increase contrast between sky and clouds, for example.

It is also effective when either accenting or eliminating reflections on water, glass etc.

Sun should be perpendicular to your shooting angle...in other words, at one or the other shoulder while you're aiming the camera.

Here's a useful link for information about polarizers and other filters:


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Typically only blues and greens are enhanced by a CP filter. Reflections are only reduced from non metallic surfaces. As was mentioned the effects are greatest when the sun is at a 90 degree angle from what you are shooting. Cp's should not be used in shady/cloudy situations or indoors.
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