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:|I have a Nikon D-200 at present. The camera shopoffered mea used, very good condition Nikon D-300 body with a Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 lens.

I from the reviews theD-300 is andefinate improvement over the D-200. The price they are asking for both of these are $1799.00 I believe the lens is a year to a year and a half old, but also inexcellent condition.

They are selling the D-300 body new for $1799.00. And they said that the lens new would be at least $700.00.

Is this a good deal?

Is there anything I should be aware of or look for with the D-300 or lensif I purchase it?
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I just purchased the d300 body only on ebay for 1125.00 like new condition..It is one wow of a camera..good luck...
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You might get more success in this forum:


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I'd say that, depending on the condition, a used D300 is worth between $800-1100.

When you say "Very Good" does that mean NOT Mint, Not Ex+, Not Ex, Not, Ex- but just VG? That corresponds to around a 7.5-8/10. Or do you mean pretty darn nice?

Cameta is selling Mint Mfr Demo models with a warranty for around $1150-1200 on the bay. So a used one would be less than that - and how much less depends on how much less than true mint the body is.

The lens is similarly going for $550-600 in mint condition. So, a legitimately Mint used body plus lens would be fairly priced at $1700, especially if it had a short term warranty. But anything less than mint would obviously be worth less. How much less depends on the exact condition.
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What does very good mean?? Is there anything visibly wrong with it? Do you know how many shutter clicks it has?? Is there a warranty? If it's in excellent condition with low shutter clicks (under 10k), I'd probably pay no more than $1100. That lens used (again assuming in perfect working order and no visible defects with caps) should be no more than $500-$550. That being said I think the price may be a bit high. Considering you already have a d200, I assume you've already got lenses. Do you really need the 18-200?? If not, I'd just get a new D300 body.
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