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Ok, I am finely able to make the jump from a P&S camera to a DSLR. I have about 5 years experience using an older film SLR(Canon Rebel 200) with 28-80mm and 70-300mm lenses. I have tried numerous P&S, my latest being a Sony H9, butI would like to moer flexible and have a more responsive camera. My biggest question is what lenses to buy for the D90. I will use this camera for hobby shooting mostly. This includes family events, kids and all their activities, sports, landscape, some travel, camping/backpacking, and some wildlife. I really like to do it all and I am firmly set on the D90 as I have been looking at DSLR's for 2 years. I want astablized lens, and I am considering either the new Tamrom 18-270mm VC as a do it all lens. I like this option because I don't want to carry two or morelenses while backpacking(weight and space are at a premium here). Camping and Backpacking are also not the cleanest places and I would like to avoid getting the camera and lenses dirty while switching them out. Also, I have lost chances at wildlife pictures because I was switching lenses. I want the 18mm atthe wide end, but as much telephoto as I can also. At the same time I do not want to sacrificetoo much in picture quality. My other choice would be the D90 kit lens 18-105VR, andmost likely theNikkor 70-300VR(or a Sigma or Tamron equivalent). My biggest question is the pros and cons of previous Tamron lenses(such as 18-200 and 18-250) compared to Nikkor lenses. I have also considered the Nikon 18-200VR, but would like more "reach" than 200mm, so that is not an option. I am a beginner in Digital SLR's, but would like to become much better and get into shooting and editing in RAW. I am aware the Nikkor lenses will most likelyhave better picture quality. With my background info done, which "set-up" do you think would be better??? How much picture quality would I really be sacrificing if I went with the Tamron(based on previous models and assuming the 18-270 will be just as good if not better than the previous Tamrons) compared to the Nikkor??? How noticeable will it be to me as a beginner in the field??? Thanks for all the help, sorry about the long post!
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