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I am need of a shutter release asI am going to be taking some extended time shots. The Nikon I am using is an D70.I still haven't upgraded the firmware.However, if I do will I beable to use a MC-DC1?Help is appreciated.


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I bought a neat little multi-camera remote from some store on eBay for $5 and $5 shipping. The store, believe it or not, is in Hong Kong and they are 100% legit. They sell lots of camera accessories. Their shipping was super fast and I got the remote from Hong Kong in just a few days (to NJ.)

I tested this remote with my D40 and it works perfectly. It also works with Canon (will also control the zoom) and Pentax (works on my little Optio S and works its zoom too and Konica/Minolta.

The name of the vendor is HK Supplies and here's a link to my auction (there are other links on that page if you'd like to buy one. They might have one just for Nikon, but as I said this one works great.
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Really, the only way to find out is to take your D70 into the shop that you wish to get the MC-DC1 from and simply try it. It either WILL or WONT work... Just turn your camera on plug in in and press the tit. If it hunts then suddenly goes "click", you know you are on a winner. If not, you just saved yourself a few bucks and a trip back to the store...

I am not 100% sure but I think the MC-DC1 will fit onto a D70s, but maybe not a D70. It might be because of the connector...

I use an MC-DC1 on my D80 and it has to be one of the BEST buys ever. I use it on all but the most action of "action shots". It improves so much on the stability for me, that I can't speak too highly of its importance. I never had the steadiest hand so whenever I get the chance, out comes the tripod and remote... If you can't get the MC-DC1 to fit/work, I am sure you can buy third party remote triggering devices...
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I use Nikon's ML-L3 remote (20$ - 30$) with myD70. It's infrared, no wires or plugs to deal with.
I wish I knew where I left it though. :?
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Actually, since my previous reply I have managed to get a TV remote to activate my D80. I have NO doubt that it will also activate the shutter on a D70 as well. I can't seem to get it to do anything else but activate the shutter but hey who'sarguing at this stage. I posted a topic about it two days ago. The brand of remote is a "OneForAll" 'Kameleon 4' modelnumber URC-8040, and the 4 digit code is for a Sanyo TV - 0011. I have three other OneForAll's and it will also work in them but I don't want to overwrite their TV settings as I have a reasonably elaborate A/V setup in this room and don't want to screw up the remote control's. I can get the remote to trigger the camera from just about anyangle too, which was a real pain with the original Nikon which had to be used from directly infront of the camera, well at least in past models it did... The OneForAll brand is a particularly good brand for me and they have plenty of power output.

Lastnight, I pointed the Kameleon at another learning remote, Zensonic Z150, and also got it to 'learn' that into just one of its buttons'memory. This remote is a completely different remote which has to be programmed in a learning manner and has many features...

(After viewing in forum) Hmmmm.. Better adjust that date. It's out by one day (22/06)...
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