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Get your mind out of the gutter....
I know...all the talk is about the new D200...if and when it comes...but I'm still going to be using the D70 for quite a while.
I've read all the reviews about how the battery grips from Jenis, Hoodman, Harbortronics etal work or do not work and how they are a waste of money. So no responses like that please.
What I'm wondering is, how does a "real" Nikon grip feel? The big complaint about these 3rd part grips that are around is that they "feel plasticy." Is that a word? I'm wondering what the Nikon grips feel like in comparision. Light? Heavy? Plastic? Rubber?
I'm not looking into these for the shutter release, just for the extra handhold and balance for longer heavier lenses. Does the battery grip on the other Nikons help w/ balance?
I would love to hear if any one here has bought one. Over on Nikonians site there are several opinions.
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I'm pretty sure that Nikon does not make A grip for the D-70. I have the Nikon D-100 and I installed the Grip that is produced for the D-100 by Nikon and it is perfect. It feels very good and gives the camera excellent balance. It does not feel like A cheap add-on. It matches and fits the D-100 as though they came out of the factory together. Read Steve's review on the D-100 and He also reviews the MB100 grip in His review. It is a great accessory for this camera.

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I know Nikon makes no grip for the D70. And I've read a bit on the 3rd party ones. I'm just looking for input on how a grip helps the feel of the camera body. Esp. w/ longer lenses. Also a comparison between the ones Nikon DOES produce compare to the feel of the OTHER guys'.
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My opinion is :Because Nikon went only halfway when they designed thes D70 and D70s... you don't really have too many options ! If you need this vertical grip for it's extra functionalities... simply forget the feels and all thet... Simple go for it !

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Just make sure to choose the one that is the most easy to use in the field. Period !

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Because Nikon needs money, more than sarisfied consumers... Why gives the amateur photographer nice photo tools ??? they're just click click click'ing... seems to believe Nikon's people !

So just have a serious look at all of them, compare assembly, features, restrictions... make your choice and go ahead ! stop restricting you ! enjoy your camera as you wish you would !

Le Bauffe,
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