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How many has it been..?? 2, no3 times now...

Sometimes I see some prices of genuine Nikonaccessoriesand Manfrotto tripods/heads and I nearly soil myself. I think to myself, "How can they justify those seemingly extortionist prices?"..

First it was the EN-EL3e batteries last year, one ofwhich wouldn't charge up after abouta dozen cycles,, then a Manfrottolook alike quick release pistol grip camera mount which was made of butter -being so soft. Now it is the DC-30 remote cordshutter release for the D300 (same as the D200)... Each time, I saw the price and opted for the cheaper online auction equivalent. This latest DC-30 copy was about one 7th the original price. I bought it and honestly thought there couldn't be that much difference from the real McCoy.. could there...!!! I mean, it's only a cord with a plug on one end and a button/grip on the other... The button felt reasonably smooth and precise to operate and it did work well, but what a freakin nightmare it was getting the plug to fit into the D300's outlet. The first time I pushed it in, I had to literally swing on it to get it halfway in. It would not go all the way in,, but it did activate the shutter. I tried it 3 or four more times during the week thinking it would eventually slide all the way in but NO way. I then had visions of getting it in and not being able to get it back out, that, or getting it almost all the way in and hearing something go snap, crackle or pop inside this expensive piece of equipment. How would I explain that to the Nikon agent - "Oh sorry sir, I wastrying to forcea cheaper item that yours inwhen it broke"...

This morning, I decided to admit defeat and confess my sins and pay up for the genuine item... Not only does it fit precisely but it also has a screw cap to lock it in...

Funny that... On a few occasions I had not even blinked when having to pay near the same price of the camera, for a lens back then (D80). I just spent until it hurt then spent a little more,, yet for accessories, I tried to skimp...

Talk about piece of mind... Never again...

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Are you sure you don't have one more in ya?
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Don't feel to bad. My dad, God rest his soul used to buy the $15 KMart boots(before Walmart). Only problem was he needed to buy 10 pairs a year because they would wear out! The day I bought a pair of Danners for $150, he flipped out!! They lasted for 10 years:G

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A friend reminds me that "nothing cheap is good, and nothing good is cheap".

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paniolo wrote:
A friend reminds me that "nothing cheap is good, and nothing good is cheap".

I once went looking for a new tripod. I bought a tilt-all knock off made by Star-D. It was less than half the cost of the original Leitz version. That was in 1986. That tripod is now standing beside me with my D50 on it. I've used the real thing. They are heavier then mine because they were made out of steel not aluminum. But other than that I can't tell the difference.

Anyone remember Spiratone? They were the king of generic photo accessories in the 70's. It's amazing how much of their stuff can be found on the used market today. I wish they were still in business.

Nikon accessories are outrageously over priced. Its one thing to charge more for quality, but another thing to charge more because says Nikon on it.

There are good generic products out there. I have a generic battery and a generic IR remote for my D50. I'm more than happy with both of them. Unfortunately there is also a lot of crap out there. The hard part is telling the difference when your buying over the web. I have a focusing screen I paid all of $18 for I'm still not sure if I will leave in the camera or not.

There are lots of threads here with people asking what to buy. Maybe they should start a thread category where people can relate their experiences with specific third party accessories.

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